About Tatting

Tatting is a type of knotted lace.  Tatting is comprised of one stitch called the Double Stitch.  The Double Stitch is tatted continuously forming a chain or drawn into a ring.  A tatted pattern may consist of all rings or a combination or rings and chains in an endless variety.  Once the Double Stitch and basic techniques are learned any pattern can be tatted.

I strongly advise using the materials suggested in the front of Learn to Tat.  I have found that a key element in the success of learning to tat is having the instructor and the student using the same materials.

Patterns currently available are endless for doilies, bookmarks and edges.  Tatting a bookmark or an edge is a very good beginning project when one is learning the fundamentals of tatting. Compared to tatting of past, which mainly consisted of edges and doilies, today’s tatting is much more exciting.

I recommend Karen Lindsay’s pattern designs.  Her patterns are remarkable and her application of the designs fit into our modern way of decorating our homes.  Her tatted patterns are applied onto samplers which can add beauty to any decorating theme.  I have found Karen’s tatting patterns to be the only unique tatting patterns available.  In my opinion Karen is the Mozart to tatting, hands down.

My love of tatting is two fold.  First, it is therapeutic.  The rhythm of the shuttle movement is very satisfying.  Second, preserving our heritage is very important.  We are the product of those who have passed before us.  Preserving the art of tatting is a tribute to our pioneer mothers.

May this beautiful art live on and on.

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