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Learn To Tat by Janette Baker

Clear, precise instructions, interactive DVD, and practice patterns, all combine to make Learn to Tat simply the very best "How to" resource available on shuttle tatting. You will love how easily and quickly you can learn the fundamentals of tatting.

The secrets of learning to tat are made simple by following each lesson in succession and practicing the suggested patterns. Any pattern can be tatted upon the completion of Learn to Tat. New tatters wanting to learn the art of tatting and experienced tatters wanting to refine their skills will find Learn to Tat a valuable instructional resource.

Experienced tatters will be delighted to learn knotless techniques, split ring and split chain. A professional, pristine finish will be enjoyed by all tatters who follow the techniques taught in Learn to Tat.  Happy Tatting, Janette

Learn to Tat includes:

  • Clear written instructions
  • Chapter by chapter DVD visual support
  • DVD professional voiceover
  • Skill appropriate practice patterns
  • Overview of tatting and abbreviations
  • 54 color photos throughout book
  • Pattern style tutorial


I searched forever to find a teacher, book, or video that could help me learn this treasured art and I finally found all three in Janette's "Learn to Tat" book. Janette is an excellent teacher, making the art of tatting one of my great loves. Amy, Burley

I have been so grateful that I got the chance to be her student. Her book has been long awaited and is so well written and easy to understand. I am sure a beginner could learn to tat from the instructions and illustrations in her book. Julie Pincock

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